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Gretsch Drums in association with Hal Leonard are delighted to be the official drums of the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest. This year more than 800 bands, including many Gretsch endorsees, and over 850,000 festival goers are expected to...
UK-based drummer Richard Brook has joined the growing roster of artists who have chosen British Drum Co drums as their instrument of choice. Richard’s decision to join British Drum Co. coincides with him depping on the European leg of the...
MILWAUKEE-Carter McLean started his journey as a drummer at 10, and throughout a prolific career has played with the likes of Roy Ayers, Melvin Sparks, and the Lion King production on Broadway. Along the way, he’s developed techniques to...
Mike Dolbear and, in association with DW drums, Sabian, Vater and Remo, are bringing Australian drumming phenomenon Virgil Donati to the UK for four exclusive masterclasses and clinics. Known for his speed, precision and dexterity, along with his amazing clinics and production work, Virgil...
The Music Shipping Co has added the US-made KickStrap to its range of drum and percussion accessories. Billed as 'the definitive solution to eliminate the age-old problem of bass drums and pedals sliding or creeping when being played' the...