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UFO Lands In The UK

Active Music have recently announced the exclusive distribution of UFO Low Volume Cymbals for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland., and will be debuting them at The UK Drum Show 2019 this September.

UFO Low Volume Cymbals are developed to behave like traditional cymbals, only at a reduced volume. Enabling the user to play like they would normally, but quieter, making it more comfortable for both the player and those around them.

UFO Low Volume Cymbals feel and respond like traditional cymbals – all the way from the bell to the edge, they even have some of the same sound characteristics. Ideal for any situation where volume needs to be kept to a minimum, be it practice at home or a performance in a smaller, intimate, venue. The cymbals also work great for making stacks with traditional cymbals.

The UFO Low Volume Cymbals are made from durable zinc, and are available in two sets, (14, 16, 20 or 14, 16, 18, 20), complete with bag, or as individual cymbals.

For more info visit: www.ufocymbals.com or www.activemusic.co.uk

For tickets and info for The UK Drum Show, visit: www.theukdrumshow.com