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Wembley Music Centre Drums
Wembley Music Centre Logo

Wembley Music Centre is the home of the multi award winning, world famous Wembley Drum Centre.

Established for over 20 years and boasting London’s largest selection of drums, percussion and all associated extras, it’s no surprise that we’re considered the UK’s leading drum store.

We carry some of the industry’s biggest and best brands including DW, Gretsch, Pearl, Yamaha, Roland, Mapex, Tama and many more so you’re sure to find the gear of your dreams at Wembley Music Centre.

We have four acoustic and three electronic demo rooms allowing customers to try equipment in peace and really get a feel for what they’re buying. Our expert, specialist staff are always available to help out and provide advice and guidance.

We also provide in-store tuition and have on site repair & servicing facilities that will be able to breathe new life in to your gear. If you have equipment you’re looking to trade in or sell, then you’ll be pleased to know we offer great deals on trades and we’re always looking to buy good pre-owned gear.