Drummer’s Review offers visitors to our website and YouTube Channel, impartial critique of the latest drum gear, along with reference kits for direct comparison with modern day interpretations.

Product demonstrator and now presenter Nick Carter, offer nothing but impartial, credible, and honest comments on all reviews on Drummer’s Review, and are in no way connected to any brand or advertiser commercially.

Every review that appears on Drummers’ Review is filmed and recorded in exactly the same way at Cube Recording Studios (as of May 2020, previously Middle Farm). There’s no enhancing use of EQ, effects, etc.  Our mission is simply to consistently present to you what we hear in the room and share our observations that may help you when choosing your next kit, snare, or set of cymbals.

Please feel free to share your comments and let us know if there is anything you would like to hear.

Nick Carter

Nick Carter is a professional drummer of 20+ years who brings a wealth of experience to Drummer’s Review when it comes to his role as product demonstrator. As well as playing with a host of high-profile artists, Nick was previously the editor of Drummer Magazine where amongst other things he was almost solely responsible for product reviews, giving him a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to equipment, as well as a deep understanding of what drummers are looking for from their gear selections.