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SlapKlatz Update 2022

SlapKlatz Update 2022

SlapKlatz have made some fantastic new changes to their line-up. Introducing the BRAND NEW “MINI Pack” and an overhaul of the ever popular “Pro Pack”

With the NEW MINI Pack” you get the same high quality drum dampeners as the renowned “Pro Pack” only at a lower price point. With 6 gels, a new slimline container, handy for storing in stick bag pockets, as well as a choice of 4 colours, this is a great new addition to the SlapKlatz family. (See image below).

SlapKlatz Pro Packs have now been upgraded to contain 12 Gels instead of 10, all still available in the same 4 colours as before.

The Refillz packs are a great alternative to the Pro Packs. With no plastic storage container, these packs provide a great, eco-friendly option, either to replace lost gels or to add a splash of colour to existing set you already have. With its flat, easy to post packaging, it will save retailers on postage costs, making it more cost effective when sending these out.