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Amedia Cymbals Lo-Fi Dry Series Review Coming Soon

Amedia Cymbals Lo-Fi Dry Series Review Coming Soon

Nick & Matt head to the studio to check out this Lo-Fi offering from Amedia Cymbals. Stay tuned to find out what Drummer’s Review thought of this from this handmade cymbals artisan.

Amedia says…

Welcome to the ‘Lo-Fi DRY’ series of cymbals from handmade cymbal artisans, Amedia Cymbals. The company for those who are unaware have been in existence for nearly 20 years, with their products being found in many countries across the globe, including the UK for the last 9 years.

Amedia are steeped in tradition, producing bespoke, handcrafted cymbals from time-honoured skills passed down through generations of cymbal-smiths raised in Istanbul. The company specialises in producing cymbals from their very own recipe of B20 bronze where the manufacturing process in its complete entirety is performed by real people using rudimentary tools and machinery. From the initial casting to lathing to hammering to even printing the logos, the cymbals are ‘born’ from this vital human element throughout, finally giving a voice to those looking for that specific andlong admired turkish cymbal sound.

The new Lo-Fi DRY series of cymbals are a brand new range being offered by Amedia in an effort to offer more choice and diversity of sounds to drummers who like their cymbals ‘dark and different’. The models currently available consist of 14” to 20” crashes, 13” to 16” hi-hats and 18” to 24” rides. The factory is also looking to increase the range in the future to encompass splashes and chinas too.

The Lo-Fi DRY models overall have been described as producing less sustain than expected from regular cymbals to give greater control and balance and have a general lower frequency pitch, hence the name.

The rides have good stick definition without being too cutting and generate a conservative wash when played on the bow. The bell on the rides are subtle, giving a moderately distinguishing clarity to cut through overtones generated when routinely playing the body of the cymbal.

The crashes open up quickly but equally sit back just as swiftly, to create a more comfortable and controllable balance of dynamics across the set.

The hi-hats have a defining sound all of their own, where the intentional heavy hammered ‘dimpled’ finish governs the reaction to every application of the stick by offering a firm, expressed chick when closed and then a distinct gulp of air sound when opened.

RRP’s for the LoFi series as follows:

13″ hats £270
14″ hats £290
15″ hats £310
16″ hats £330

14″ crash £195
15″ crash £200
16″ crash £205
17″ crash £210
18″ crash £215
19″ crash £220
20″ crash £225

18″ ride £285
19″ ride £295
20″ ride £305
21″ ride £315
22″ ride £325
24″ ride £345