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Canopus Snare Drums – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our latest review looking at a pair of snare drums Canopus Drums, featuring…

1-Ply Soft Maple Model:

  • 14″ x 5.5″
  • Single Ply, 5.5mm Soft Maple shell with reinforcement rings top & bottom
  • Ageing Maple lacquer finish
  • T-Shaped double ended tube lugs (8)
  • Nickel plated straight brass hoops
  • Canopus Bolt Tight tension rods
  • 20-strand Vintage Snare Wires and a Canopus Switch snare throw off

UK RRP: £1299.95

Canopus Says…“It is generally recognized that, when compared to plywood, a single-ply maple shell gives a softer, warmer sound. However, due to the drying process, many single-ply shells have a dominant high frequency which is somewhat unpleasant to the ear. We searched for the ideal material to overcome this obstacle – and it came true when we met master wood-craftsman, Mr.Anton Sutej.

The material he has chosen – “Soft Maple” features an unmatched softness – its very nature gives the classic, vintage sound – with a sense of nostalgia that transcends history and time. It provides a smoothness of sound not usually found in modern drums.

SSSM is brought to life by the fusion of our soft maple material and the unique techniques of Canopus. It comes equipped with our newly developed nickel plated Brass Straight Hoops as standard feature.

The classic, vintage sound of the “good old days” – highly sought in “collectors item” drums has been reproduced by Canopus.”

Yaiba II Maple Model:

  • 14″ x 6.5″
  • 6-ply Maple Shell
  • Indigo Matte Lacquer finish
  • 2.3mm powerhoops
  • Chrome Canopus Yaiba lugs (8)
  • Canopus Bolt Tight tension rods
  • 20-strand Canopus Vintage snare wires

UK RRP: £549.99

Canopus Says…“Although the Yaiba II drum set was originally sold with a snare drum, Canopus started producing the Yaiba snare drums individually because of high demand from drummers.
Canopus adopted the use of forced-hardening lacquer instead of nitrocellulose lacquer for a solid and powerful sound, and has managed to create a sound which contrasts and complements the other Canopus high end series.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!!

Find out more about Canopus Snare Drums: www.canopusdrums.com

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