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Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium Shell Pack – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of an Ebenor Percussion Heavy Feather Aluminium shell pack, featuring…

  • 8″ x 6.5″ Rack Tom,
  • 10″ x 7″ Rack Tom,
  • 12″ x 8″ Rack Tom,
  • 14″ x 14″ Floor Tom,
  • 16″ x 16″ Floor Tom,
  • 24″ x 14″ Bass Drum,
  • Cold-rolled, welded 2mm Aluminium shells,
  • Unique oxidised patina finish,
  • 45˚ bearing edges top & bottom,
  • Evans G2 Coated (batter) & G1 Coated (resonant) heads,
  • Leather backed badges,
  • Brass tube lugs,
  • 5mm straight edge bronze hoops.

Ebenor Says…“We are proud to present an instrument that stands out from the crowd. Here is the Heavy Feather Collection in aluminium version ”KIT”.

* Welded cold rolled aluminium drums

* Unique oxidised finish

*It sounds fat, hot, very punchy and a lot of dynamics. Very surprising!

Our snare drum version has proven itself for more than a year. We’re really not worried that the “kit” version will do the same !”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

Ebenor Heavy Feather Aluminium Shell Pack – UK RRP: £4175.00



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