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Electronic Drum Kit Review – Roland TD17KV

Here’s our review of a Roland TD17KV electronic kit, featuring…

  • TD17 drum module,
  • 1 x PDX-12 snare drum pad,
  • 3 x PDX-8 tom pads,
  • 1 x CY-5 hi-hat pad with FD-9 controller,
  • 2 x CY-8 cymbal pads,
  • 1 x KD-10 kick drum pad.

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Roland says…”When you’re serious about drumming, you need a kit to match your ambition. The V-Drums TD-17 series lets your technique shine through, backed up with training tools to push you further. Combining a TD-50-class sound engine with newly developed pads results in an affordable electronic drum kit that’s authentically close to playing acoustic drums – accurately mirroring the physical movement, stick coordination and hand/foot control that every drummer needs. Meanwhile, an array of built-in coaching functions will track your technique, measure your progress and increase your motivation. Becoming a better drummer is still hard work, but the TD-17 can help you get there”

Find out our thoughts in the video above…

RRP: £1229.00