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Gretsch Bell Brass Snare Drum – Drummer’s Review

Here’s a Drummer’s Review special taking a look at one of Nolly’s favourite personal drums: a Gretsch Full Range Bell Brass Snare Drum, featuring…

  • 14″ x 6.5″, 3mm thick Bell Brass shell,
  • 30˚ bearing edges,
  • die cast hoops,
  • PureSound snare wires,
  • Remo Controlled Sound X batter head over Evans snare side 300 resonant,
  • 9kg in weight.

Although this exact snare is a discontinued model, Gretsch do offer a modern version, about which they say…“Bell brass snare drums are sought after for their smooth, pure timbre and controlled overtones, not to mention their powerful cut. The Gretsch 3.0mm cast bell brass shell shares the warm characteristics of wood with the powerful cut of a metal drum.”

Gretsch current Bell Brass snare - model #G4169BBR
Gretsch current Bell Brass snare – model #G4169BBR

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

RRP: Gretsch (current) Bell Brass snare (as pictured above): £1000.00 (approx.), our review model: between £350.00 – £500.00 on the second hand market.


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