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Paiste 2002 Big Beat Cymbals – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a selection of Paiste 2002 Big Beat cymbals, featuring…

  • 15″ Hats,
  • 18″ Crash/Ride
  • 19″ Crash/Ride,
  • 20″ Crash/Ride,
  • 21″ Crash/Ride,
  • 22″ Crash/Ride,
  • 24″ Crash/Ride,
  • Constructed from Paiste 2002 bronze alloy,
  • Matte finish with black 2002 logo.

Paiste Says…“2002 Big Beat represent a modernized, yet timeless interpretation of the legendary 2002 sound. Visually, the cymbals feature a distinctly new hammering pattern for the 2002 family, a slightly darkened, semi-matted finish and simplified black logos to distinguish the Big Beat set. With the 2002 Big Beat models, we take the 2002 sound into a new realm, while preserving the legendary 2002 heritage.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

Paiste 2002 Big Beat Cymbals – UK SRP:     

15″ Hi-Hats – £454.00

18″ Crash/Ride – £305.00

19″ Crash/Ride – £330.00

20″ Crash/Ride – £354.00

21″ Crash/Ride – £390.00

22″ Crash/Ride – £419.00

24″ Crash/Ride – £490.00

For more info, visit: www.paiste.com

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