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Paiste PST X Effects Cymbals – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a selection of Paiste PST X Effects Cymbals, consisting of…

  • 18″ PST X Swiss Thin Crash,
  • 10″ PST X Swiss Splash,
  • 10″ PST X Swiss Hi-Hats,
  • 14″ PST X Swiss Hi-Hats,
  • 16″ PST X Swiss Hi-Hats,
  • 8″/10″ PST X Splash Stack (new for 2018),
  • 10″/12″ PST X Splash Stack (new for 2018),
  • 20″ PST X Swiss Medium Crash (new for 2018),
  • 12″ PST X Cajon Hi-Hats (new for 2018),
  • 16″ PST X Cajon Crash (new for 2018).Paiste Says…“PSTX is a complete collection of extremely affordable effect cymbals. The core of the PSTX is made up of the Swiss models, cymbals that achieve a noisy, dirty, trashy sound quality by the use of specific layouts and varied sizes for the holes. Their silky surface distinguishes the cymbals visually. The aluminum Pure Bells stand out due to their distinct character and concept.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!!

RRP’s: £64.00 – £254.00


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