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Practice Pad Comparison – Drummer’s Review

The Drummer’s Review team take a look at and compare a selection of practice pads from various manufacturers, featuring the P4 and Quiet Pad from Drumeo; a Button Pad and Knee Pad from Bill Sanders; an ALLN1 by Russ Miller and 6” VRT Combo Pad from ProLogix Percussion; an Evans RealFeel Pad and a ToneAlly Design 5 Deluxe practice system.

Drumeo P4

Drumeo P4


  • Multi-zone pad designed in conjunction with renowned educator Pat Petrillo,
  • 12″ diameter,
  • Weighs: 3.1lbs,
  • four separate coloured rubber pads to represent different areas of the drum kit,
  • main blue area is traditional standard gum rubber to replicate the feel of a snare drum,
  • harder neoprene black pad to give the feel of higher tensioned toms,
  • softer, quieter grey section ideal for strength building and resembling a looser-tuned floor tom,
  • extra hard red surface to mimic the response of cymbals.

RRP: £79.99


Drumeo Quiet Pad

Drumeo Quiet Pad


  • Double sided 12” pad,
  • full side of fairly hard blue gum rubber,
  • softer, quieter black pad on the reverse,
  • black side is (roughly) 8db-10db quieter than the blue side,
  • black side also features a heavier response to help build strength and stamina.

RRP: $35.00 (plus shipping)


Bill Sanders Button Pad

Bill Sanders Button Pad


  • 4″ pad,
  • 3mm thick ‘Lifetime’ black rubber playing surface,
  • 10 year guarantee,
  • non-slip rubber base,
  • 4mm solid steel weight beneath the rubber.

RRP: £26.99


Bill Sanders Knee Pod & 7″ Mini Pad

Bill Sanders Knee Pod


  • 7″ standalone pad,
  • Knee pod docking station,
  • 3mm thick ‘Lifetime’ black rubber playing surface,
  • 10 year guarantee,
  • non-slip rubber base.

RRP: £54.99


Prologix ALLN1

Prologix ALLN1 Practice Pad


  • Designed in collaboration with Russ Miller,
  • 14.25” diameter (with a 13″ playing surface),
  • weight: 5lbs,
  • 0.5” deep, non-marking Poly Tech rim,
  • multiple playing surfaces,
  • green light resistance rubber blend to give a very natural rebound,
  • grey, fabric covered, rubber open cell insert that increases resistance,
  • white, thin, textured surface that is designed for practicing brush technique,
  • non-slip rubber base (which also works as a separate 12″ pad).

RRP: £105.00


Prologix VRT Combo Pads

Prologix VRT Combo Pads


Pad 1:

  • 6″ diameter,
  • dual-surface pad,
  • light resistance, 0.188” gauge, green rubber playing surface,
  • thick layer of blackout 0.750” gauge open cell rubber with a fabric top on reverse.

Pad 2:

  • 6″ diameter,
  • dual surface pad,
  • medium resistance, red 0.188” gauge all-natural rubber playing surface,
  • black 0.187” open cell rubber on reverse.

RRP: £29.99


Evans RealFeel Pad

Evans RealFeel Pad


  • 12″ single-sided pad,
  • 11″ playing surface,
  • 5mm thick gum rubber playing surface covered in grey fabric cover,
  • rubber non-slip base.

RRP: £35.99


ToneAlly Deluxe 5 Practice System

ToneAlly Deluxe 5 Practice System


  • six upright posts which create alleys in which the sticks travel designed to help drummers build muscle memory,
  • works with German, French, American grips,
  • both matched and traditional,
  • soft, thin rubber playing surface,
  • height-adjustable ‘wiggle bars’ to help focus on ghost note playing,
  • removable rubber pad enabling you to place on a snare drum and play directly onto the head.

RRP: £124.99


Check out how each of the practice pads sound in the video above! 

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