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Electronic Drum Kit Review: Roland V-Drums TD50KV

Here’s our review of a Roland V-Drums TD50KV e-kit, featuring…

  • TD-50 module with Prismatic Sound Modeling and all-new onboard sounds,
  • Newly developed 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare with a high-resolution multi-sensor system for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection,
  • New 18-inch CY-18DR digital ride provides accurate positional sensing and improved dynamics using an innovative multi-sensor system,
  • Additional cymbal pads include VH-13 V-Hi-Hat, CY-14C crash, and CY-15R crash/ride,
  • One PD-108-BC rack tom pad and two PD-128-BC floor tom pads,
  • KD-140-BC Kick Trigger Pedal,
  • USB 10-channel audio out for multi-track recording through a single USB cable,
  • Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS direct outs,
  • Metronome with Quiet Count plus audio recording/playback functions for practice,
  • Large MDS-50KV drum stand.

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