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Snare Drum Head Comparison – Drummer’s Review

Here’s a special video where we take a look at a trio of single-ply coated snare heads from Remo, Evans and Code Drumheads and compare/contrast in a range of different tunings.

***All of our reviews are recorded in a top quality studio with the finest equipment – to get the best from our reviews and really hear the instruments perform make sure you listen on good quality speakers or headphones!***

Remo says…“The Ambassador® Coated is the most popular drumhead in the world, featuring the perfect combination of warm, open tones with bright attack and controlled sustain.”

Evans says…“UV1 drumheads are the number one solution for drummers who are tired of flaked, chipped, and worn out coatings. They also feature increased surface texture making them extremely responsive for brush playing. Combined with Level 360 Technology™, the UV1 series is the most versatile and durable 10mil drumhead drummers have ever laid their hands on.”

Code says…“Light to Medium use, Old school ‘warm’ sound with strong attack and medium sustain, Quality Aluminium Rim with Steel Core, 10 mils Coated PET Head”


Remo Ambassador: £14.00-£16.00,

Evans UV1: £17.00-£19.00,

Code DNA Coated: £8.99

Find out our thoughts in the video above…!!