Zildjian K Fat Hats – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our latest review looking at a selection of Zlidjian K Fat Hats, featuring…

  • Available in two (odd) sizes: 14-1/8″, or 15-1/8″,
  • Blend of Zildjian A and K-style manufacturing techniques,
  • Perfect for players who mix and match hats,
  • Extensive Heavy Hammering,
  • Wide lathing,
  • Smaller top-bottom weight gap.

Zildjian Says…“The Fat Hats are the very definition of “labor of love”. A decade of testing has created this rich, blended “go-to” hi-hat sound that performs in the studio and turns heads on-stage.

The key is a combination of darker hammering with wider, A Zildjian-style lathing, and a smaller weight difference blurring true top and bottom. Designed to be a cymbal bag chameleon, these “part K, part A” hats sit within any cymbal setup, and are ripe for mixing and matching or simply playing them as is – a perfect blend of warm and bright. Play the 14-1/8″ for fantastic stick, or move up to the 15-1/8” for an incredibly lush sound and pronounced chick – Both unique sizes bring something special to any gig.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

Zildjian K Fat Hats:


14″ Individual Model – £269.00

14″ Pair – £529.00

15″ Individual Model – £319.00

15″ Pair – £589.00


See Zildjian at The UK Drum Show 2023…

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