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Akai Professional® Supercharges MPC & FORCE With Drumsynth

Akai Professional® Supercharges MPC & FORCE With Drumsynth

Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, adds DrumSynth to their MPC and FORCE lines of music production tools with MPC 2.9 and FORCE 3.0.6 firmware updates. DrumSynth joins the unparalleled power of the existing virtual instruments already included in MPC and FORCE – TUBESYNTH, BASSLINE, ELECTRIC and HYPE*.

Powerfully Creative Drum Synthesis

At the heart of DrumSynth is a multi-synth sound generation architecture. Powered by FM synthesis, physical & analog modeling, and sample-based algorithms, DrumSynth propels the FORCE and MPC user into unrivaled dimensions of standalone sound design. This revolutionary plugin features 8 individual instances (Kick, Snare, Clap, Toms, Percussion, Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride), each with its own unique sound generator combination to deliver dynamic drum and percussion sounds.

With DrumSynth, users can quickly tweak any of the 8 engines for an unprecedented degree of sonic manipulation. Fine tune synthesized drum sounds with a selection of effects and processors, including Transient Shaping, Tuning, EQ, Compression, Reverb and Delay. Add more character with multiple processing textures within each sound engine. Users can even access all 8 engines in multi-mode where sounds can be mixed and balanced against each other and saved as a custom user preset. This truly is next-generation drum synthesis at its finest.

Users will quickly grasp the DrumSynth interface, and on the standalone hardware devices, find the touch screen enables precise editing and lightning-fast manipulation of countless parameters. Fuse this with incredible visual feedback and DrumSynth maximizes users’ productivity with a graphic experience to keep creative responses flowing in the midst of the most inspired moments.

Key Features of DrumSynth

  • Build and design any synthesized drum sound
  • Powerful sound generators driven by completely new FM synthesis, analog &physical modeling, and sample-based algorithms
  • 8 Individual Engines: Kick, Snare, Clap, Percussion, Tom, Crash, Hi Hat, and Ride
  • Built-in sound effects, including Transient Shaper, Tuning, EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb and more.
  • Multi-Mode to access all 8 engines simultaneously
  • Save and store your designs to user presets

“The Akai Professional standalone ecosystem is one that constantly evolves, providing the modern performer and producer with unique tools to spark their creativity,” says Dan Gill, Akai Professional Project Manager. “DrumSynth is the latest addition to our standalone series of synth engines, empowering users with 8 distinct engines and 9 amazing plugins for the unrestricted power to sculpt any drum or percussion sound imaginable.”

DrumSynth will be available for free via firmware update 3.0.6 for FORCE, firmware update 2.9 for MPC One, Live, Live II, and X as well as software update 2.9 for MPC2

users starting November 24, 2020 from akaipro.com.