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Anika Nilles & Santino Scavelli – Main Stage UK Drum Show 2024

The UK Drum Show is thrilled to announce that Anika Nilles and Santino Scavelli will be performing on the main stage on Saturday the 28th of September at 15:45PM!
Anika built up a name for herself as a Youtube sensation, boasting almost 20 million views on her drum videos featuring original compositions, as well as being a solo artist touring through Europe, China and North America. Anika’s playing style is distinguished by her strong groove, her finesse in technique, and her unique sound! She made it 2 times on #2 for best fusion Drummer by “Modern Drummer Magazine” and lately She won #1 for best Clinician / Educator on “Music Radar Magazine”. With NEVELL, Anika pulled together a group of three energetic and passionate musicians to help turn her music into a spectacular live show…
The multi-instrumentalist Santino Scavelli is currently one of the most popular new comers within Germany’s world music scene and is currently playing percussion with Anika Nilles’ band ‘Nevell’. Santino Scavelli performs with diverse world jazz formations, as well as with fusion projects, pop and electronic music bands. Depending on what a band’s line-up requires, he can change from drums to percussion or to multi-percussion, which is a combination of drums and percussion.
Anika and Santino will be performing in association with Meinl Percussion.
Main Stage tickets for Anika and Santino are available NOW!