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Carlsbro Launch New Októ A Percussion Pad


Carlsbro have added the brand new Októ A Digital Percussion Pad to their range of electronic drum kits and combo amps.

The Októ A is an 8 pad and 2 pedal percussion pad. Featuring 8 high response, hard wearing, user configurable rubber pads. Each Októ A features 408 drum voices, 30 pre-set drum kits and 20 user drum kits. It has record, playback, demo and teaching functions with powerful step by step snare, rhythm and complete drum set practice and teaching modes.
Each pad comes with 2 foot pedals for bass drum and hi hat control. It comes with 6 reverb modes, each with adjustable strength, depth time and filter options, and a reversible interface to suit left or right handed drummers.

It can be used on its own as a compact drum kit, or as part of your existing setup.
It comes with a micro USB power input and Bluetooth MIDI transmission. You can also connect external pads, cymbals and pedals for great flexibility.
Available from Active Music NOW.