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Chad Smith ‘LP’s His Kit’ With The Red Hot Pack

Chad Smith ‘LP’s His Kit’ With The Red Hot Pack

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith rocks the Latin Percussion Red Hot Pack of percussion accessories in the company’s latest ‘LP Your Kit’ video. In a scorching display, he demonstrates how the pack’s percussion instruments add alternate sounds, different textures and distinctive rhythmic flavors to his playing.

The Red Hot Pack features a fiery trio of percussion instruments, including the Red Cyclops Tambourine, Medium Pitch Jam Block and the Signature Chad Smith Ridge Rider Cowbell. It also includes LP’s Mini Everything Rack providing an easy way to mount the accessories and make any drum kit more versatile and exciting.

LP’s wide range of percussion add-on instruments can open up a world of rhythmic possibilities to spice up a drummer’s sound! Designed to easily attach to any kit, the variety of alternative sounds, textures and sonic options are limited only by imagination. Easily recognizable choices include mounted cowbells, blocks and tambourines; or look deeper and find a more distinct, creativity with LP’s Raw percussion series. The range includes the unique, industrial Trash snare, Sound Enhancers and Potz. Other options include a collection of Micro Snares and Mini Timbales to bring different flavors to a drum kit. Sounds from around the world like the Banda snare from South America, the African inspired Hi-hat Shereke or Cuban influenced 12” 2 sided cajon are just some of the other options. Plus, there is a wide choice of mounts, brackets, racks, trays, claws and stands to ensure percussion instruments are securely attached at all times and can be placed easily around a kit.

The ‘LP Your Kit’ series of videos, including Henry Cole, Stephen Perkins, Raul Pineda as well as Chad Smith, show how some of the world’s best drummers take their performance to completely different places using LP percussion instruments.

To find out more about how to LP® Your Kit and choose your perfect set-up, please go to lpmusic.com/.