Code Drum Heads expands line-up

Code Drum Heads has added The Pocket Pad and Halo Tone Adapter to its range of products and is also adding more sizes of its popular bass drum Port Holes.

The Code Pocket Pad is made entirely in the UK, distributor Active Music says: ‘An ideal size to carry in your stick bag, tour case or pocket, this small pad is perfect for any sticking practice and the 3.5” playing surface is ideal for honing your accuracy. The pad is engineered with a heavy steel plate built into the body which will keep the pad well and truly planted on any solid playing surface. The specially developed pad features a fast and realistic feel which won’t be cruel to your wrists even after a heavy practice session’.

Halo Enhanced

The Halo Tone Adapter is designed to assist snare drum tuning. The pack comprises one super wide black and one medium sized white Halo. The two Halos can be used together to give users a ‘Super Dead Heavyweight’ sound or individually to give contrasting dampening options. ‘Whichever combination you use those annoying overtones will be gone and the depth of your snare will cut through,’ Active says.

Both the Pocket Pad and Halo Tone Adapters will be available from January 2019.

Code Porthole

Meanwhile, Code has added bass drum portholes in 2”, 3” and 6” sizes. These are available alongside the current 4” and 5” in sizes. Each Port Hole now features an embossed Code logo. Black Port Holes in these sizes are available now, with the white scheduled for 2019.

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