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DrumCraft Announce 2022 Limited Edition’s

DrumCraft Announce 2022 Limited Edition's

There’s no doubt that the sound of the Drumcraft Series 6 is in a class of its own, but the high-quality lacquer finishes also make the drums real eye-catchers. The previous palette of two high-gloss and two satin finishes is now supplemented by two brand-new finishes: Black To Red Fade and Black To Vivid Blue Fade. These are colour gradients that convey a fascinating optical depth. Both variants are limited editions and are therefore only available in limited quantities.

Compared to monochrome lacquer finishes, gradient finishes exude a flair of their own. Black To Vivid Blue Fade showcases a gentle transition from deep black to an intense night blue, subtly revealing the beautiful grain of the drum shell. Black To Red Fade is reminiscent of the red evening sky just after sunset and therefore appears very natural and organic.


  • Shell material: Maple/ Walnut
  • Available configurations:


(22”x18” Bass Drum, 10”x07”, 12”x08”, 16”x14” Toms, 14”x6,5” Snare)


(20”x16” Bass Drum, 10”x07”, 12”x08”, 14”x14” Toms, 14”x5,5” Snare)

2up 2down

(22”x18” Bass Drum, 10”x07”, 12”x08”, 14”x12”, 16”x14” Toms, 14”x5,5” Snare)


(18”x14” Bass Drum, 12”x08”, 14”x14” Toms, 14”x5” Snare)

About DrumCraft

The sensation of discovering something new and extraordinary is only ever surpassed by the feeling of owning it. DrumCraft is back! We don’t simply make high-quality drums; we also offer style that’s deeply rooted in German engineering and design.

We have the drive, determination, and passion to give you an instrument that you love to play. DrumCraft drums have been created to stand out with their unique looks without compromising on functionality. They’re built to inspire you every time you perform with them! Whether you’re having fun in your rehearsal room or playing to 10,000 people with your band. You are the heartbeat of your music; you are the pulse.