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@NAMM 2019: Drummer’s Review Visit Drum Workshop

On January 23, 2019, part of the Drummer’s Review team had the privilege of spending time at DW Drums factory in Oxnard, CA, ahead of the annual 2019 NAMM Show. Drum Workshop Drums, who also own/distribute PDP drums, Gretsch drums and LP percussion, invited Drummer’s Review publisher Neil Golding and product demonstrator Nick Carter to preview many of the new products the company are launching across the different brands as well as taking a tour around DW’s manufacturing facility where all of DW’s kits are produced.

New products for 2019 include a seasonally-limited addition to DW’s Collectors Series built from Almond wood; new ranges of congas, bongos, tambourines and cajons from LP; new additions and finishes for several of Gretsch Drums ranges and new kits and innovations for PDP Drums (check out Drummer’s Review news pages for full details!).

A couple of eye-catching new additions from DW were snare drums built to pay tribute to long-serving DW drummers, including the legendary Hal Blaine. Also present was a snare drum featuring the moniker of much-loved funk band Earth, Wind & Fire, which we witnessed first-hand being built…very cool!

All of DW’s drums are made in the factory from-scratch, starting with thin timber plies which are glued and moulded into perfect shells, before being cut, sanded, drilled, timbre matched etc..all the way through to being lovingly, and incredibly thoroughly, polished and finished.

Alongside drums, DW also have tooling and facilities for machining their highly-regarded pedals and hardware, as well as research departments working constantly to bring more drumming innovations to the market.

For more info about all of the new products for 2019, visit: