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‘Dune’ Soundz Custom In-Ear-Monitors

'Dune' Soundz Custom In-Ear-Monitors

“With 6 Divers [4 Low-Mids / 1 MID-High / 1 Super-High], you have unlimited Headroom, incredible clarity & sound purity, and ultra-wide frequency response,” state Soundz Custom, the Greek in-ear-monitor makers.

The sound is velvety and soft providing a restful live for many hours. Check out Dune here

Detailed separation of low and low mid frequencies helps voices and instruments with the highest energy (drums, percussion, bass) sound exactly the same at any intensity, with absolute definition and punch.

Medium frequencies fill the tonic spectrum, leaving the power of each organ distinct in the mix.
The primes sound balanced, highlighting each mix and helping every performer live the ultimate premium experience of Soundz in ear monitors!

3D construction is now done with 20% more reinforced shells, for more strength and new IP67 cable system for moisture and sweat resistance!

Go to www.soundz.gr and design your own!

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