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EFNOTE Introduce EFNOTE Mini: The Cutest EFNOTE


Introduced for the first time at the 2024 NAMM Show, the new EFNOTE mini captivates enthusiasts of all ages. As EFNOTE’s most compact set to date, it delivers a powerful drumming experience, perfect for practicing in the smallest of spaces.

Whether in a child’s room, living room, rehearsal space, or on small stages, the EFNOTE mini combines minimal size with first-class performance. With a compact footprint of just 115 x 70 cm, this electronic drum kit provides everything drummers need.


The module impresses with high-quality multilayer samples, maintaining the renowned quality of the Japanese manufacturer. These samples can be individually adjusted using equalisation, muffling, tuning, and eight ambience effects. In addition to an integrated metronome, the module features a built-in audio and MIDI interface, enabling not only recording with a sequencer on a computer but also controlling other drum tools. The Bluetooth receiver also allows wireless transmission of music to the module for effective practice sessions.

The mini comes fully equipped with a 14″ bass drum, a triple zone 10″ snare, dual zone 8″ rack tom and a dual-zone 10″ floor tom. Additionally you get a 12″ hi-hat and 16″ ride as well as an 8″ splash. Optionally, the set can be expanded with an additional cymbal pad or  extra tom.

Key Features

  • 12 Preset Drum Sets
  • 8 User Drum Sets
  • 82 Preset Instruments
  • 153 Preset Sounds
  • Level, Pan, Tuning, Muffling
  • 2-Band Equalizer
  • 8 Ambiance Effects
  • up to 8 Pads can be connected
  • USB-C Audio and MIDI Interface
  • Very space saving with a footprint of 115 cm x 70 cm

More info available: https://ef-note.com/