Home News EFNOTE To Exhibit at The UK Drum Show 2023

EFNOTE To Exhibit at The UK Drum Show 2023

EFNOTE To Exhibit at The UK Drum Show 2023

The UK Drum Show are thrilled to welcome another new exhibitor  for their guests to try out at the UK’s largest drum and percussion event.

Unknown to some, In 2018, skilled engineers with a 20-year career who felt the limits of product development at a major electronic musical instrument manufacturer in Japan, gathered together pursuing flexible ideas that are not tied to cost, and the non-logical attraction of musical instruments.

Wanting to create more valuable musical instruments with more free designs, with insane ideas, be sure to visit EFNOTE at The UK Drum Show and check out what these group of engineers have produced – we can’t wait to check them out ourselves!

New for 2022

EFNOTE presents the new E-Drum Set EFNOTE 7X – the world’s first set with an Effect Crash Pad and Cymbal Stacker in a classic vintage look on stage, in the studio and in the rehearsal room.

EFNOTE FX Cymbal Pad

The new EFNOTE 17″ FX Crash is the world’s first effect cymbal for e-drums. The new patented surface structure, which is based on the weight, hammering and vibration behavior of bronze cymbals, brings the realistic playing feel to an unprecedented level. The look is based on perforated cymbals, which are only known from acoustic drums. The cymbal pad is also available separately (RRP is €425.00).

STAK™ technology

Another feature of the e-drum set is the new STAK™ cymbal holder. This allows the Splash Pad to be mounted directly and easily over the Effect Pad. The technology, also for cable passage, is patent pending and is being used for the first time in the 7X set WeiseFootSplashes makes it possible in a way previously unknown from electronic drums. 

Tru-Motion™ technology with multi-optical sensor

The Hi-Hat Cymbals use Tru-Motion™ technology: This enables foot splashes in a unique way that have not been seen before with electronic drums. 

Included in delivery        

  • 1x Triple Zone Mesh Head Snare Drum 14″ x 5.5″
  • 1x Dual Zone Mesh Head Tom Tom 11″ x 08″
  • 1x Dual Zone Mesh Head Floor Tom 13″ x 13″
  • 1x Dual Zone Mesh Head Floor Tom 15″ x 15″
  • 1x Dual Zone Hi-Hat Pad 14″
  • 1x Dual Zone Splash Pad 8″
  • 1x Triple Zone Crash Pad 16″
  • 1x Dual Zone Effect Crash Pad 17″
  • 1x Triple Zone Ride Cymbal Pad 20“
  • 3x boom cymbal stands
  • 2x snare stands

The EFNOTE 7Xis available now, the RRP is EUR 6765.00 (incl. 19% VAT).

Visit The UK Drum Show – Tickets on sale now www.theukdrumshow.com