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GEWA G5 Now in Stores

GEWA G5 Now in Stores

After the market launch of the GEWA G9, the successor model GEWA G5 is now finally available at authorized GEWA Digital Drum retailers.

You can find a list of all specialist retail partners here

With the slogan “This is for Performers”, the GEWA G5 is aimed at the advanced drummer who wants to fully focus on their performance rather than the technical refinements and possibilities of an electronic drum kit.

The GEWA G5 PRO BS5 is now available as a 5-piece kit in Black Sparkle. The shell sizes are: 10×5″, 12×5″, 14×5″ for the toms, 14×5″ snare drum and 18×14″ bass drum. 

In the GEWA G5 module, the touchscreen has been replaced by hardware buttons and a modern OLED display. This makes operation particularly intuitive and all important functions are directly available.

 The technological basis is the same as for the GEWA G9. This means that no compromises are made in terms of sound and trigger behavior with the GEWA G5. The G5 uses the exact same sound library and is 100% compatible with components of the GEWA G9.

 The G5 module also offers many features already used in the G9, such as 3D Sonic Image room samples, USB audio recording, Bluetooth audio + MIDI, third-party pad compatibility, 4 effect channels, and many more.

The GEWA G5 offers more than 900 sounds, comes with the GEWA G-Series 360 degree 3-zone cymbals (The cymbals are playable on 360° in three zones) and is MADE IN GERMANY!

GEWA G5 Overview

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SRP: 3.890 €

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