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Gretsch Drums Launch Limited Edition 140th Anniversary Kit

Gretsch Drums Launch Limited Edition 140th Anniversary Kit

Gretsch Drums celebrates one hundred and forty incredible years with their Limited Edition 140th Anniversary Drum Kit.

When Friedrich Gretsch opened a small music shop in Brooklyn, N.Y.in 1883, no one expected his drums would become one of the most respected, iconic brands in music history. To celebrate, Gretsch is proud to present the Limited Edition Gretsch 140th Anniversary Drum Kit.

Each one of these kits is painstakingly constructed to honor the company’s amazing legacy and offers drummers a highly collectible piece of Gretsch history which will be admired for years to come. This beautiful, one-of-a-kind kit is handcrafted in the Ridgeland factory using 6-ply hybrid maple, gum, and poplar shells, finished in a stunning Ebony Stardust gloss lacquer. The 140th Anniversary drum kits also features 30-degree bearing edges, all nickel-plated hardware, and Gretsch Permatone commemorative 140th logo drumheads.

Each kit is shipped with a set of custom designed drum bags and a certificate of authenticity signed by Fred Gretsch and the artisans who built them.

Two kit configurations are available:

(GH-J484-140th) 8 x 12” mounted tom, 14 x 14” floor toms, 14 x 18” kick drum and a 5 x 14” snare, or
(GH-E6256-140th) 7 x 10” and 8 x 12” mounted toms, 14 x 16” floor tom, 16 x 22” bass drum, and a 6.5 x 14” snare

Only 70 of each set up will ever be created, ensuring this limited edition is truly special.

The 140th Anniversary drum sets are a group effort of over two years of hard work and the results are breathtaking.  Many of the features on these sets, from their unique finish, hybrid shell, to the nickel-plated hardware make each kit a Gretsch collector’s piece,” commented Andrew Shreve Gretsch Brand Manager.

For more information about the Limited Edition 140th Anniversary drum kit please visit www.gretschdrums.com/ #GretschDrums140

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