Grover Pro Announce New Percussive Products

Grover Pro Percussion, a trailblazer in the world of percussion instruments, is proud to introduce a raft of new additions to its esteemed lineup.

Tambourines for Discerning Musicians

Grover Pro Percussion introduce two new additions to its lineup – the Model T2/BC-H Headless Tambourine and the Model T2-PhBr-X Tambourine. These cutting-edge tambourines showcase Grover Pro’s commitment to precision craftsmanship and innovative design, catering to the diverse needs of musicians around the globe.

First up is the Studio Pro Model T2/BC-H headless tambourine. Designed with the recording percussionist in mind, it features the renowned Beryllium Copper hand-hammered jingles, synonymous with Grover Pro’s professional concert tambourines. With a headless design, this tambourine is a valuable addition to the Studio Pro line, already celebrated and favored by artists such as Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Jimmy Buffet, and more, making it the preferred choice in Nashville and LA recording studios.

Other notable features of the T2/BC-H include dual-width staggered jingle slots for optimal sound projection, soft rubber comfort edging for enhanced playability and a 10″ diameter durable hardwood shell, along with the Grover Pro guarantee of quality.

The individually hammered and voiced Beryllium Copper jingles produce a full-bodied, rich sonority, while maintaining the percussive articulation necessary to cut through the dense mix of a large live performance session. As a testament to Grover Pro’s commitment to quality, each Studio Pro tambourine comes with a free padded tambourine case for added protection.

Next up, for musicians in humid climates, Grover Pro presents the Model T2-PhBr-X tambourine, designed to maintain stability in all playing conditions. This X-Series model features a synthetic head made from Remo Renaissance® material, ensuring optimal performance regardless of humidity or temperature changes. The Phosphor Bronze model, a favorite among percussionists seeking a deep, darker sound color, complements romantic European orchestral repertoire and is equally suited for concert bands or small ensembles.

Other notable features of the T2-PhBR-X include dual-width staggered jingle slots for optimal sound projection, a Remo® synthetic head for stability in varying conditions, and a 10″ diameter durable hardwood shell, along with the Grover Pro guarantee of quality. A free tambourine bag is also included.

Grover Protégé Woodblocks

Meticulously hand-crafted from the finest exotic hardwoods, these woodblocks are engineered to deliver a well-defined, focused sonority that meets the discerning standards of musicians worldwide.

Available in three popular sizes – 7″, 8″, and 9″ – Grover Protégé Woodblocks offer versatility and superior performance in a variety of musical settings. Whether you’re a music educator, student, or seasoned professional, these woodblocks are designed to meet the demands of all performance situations.

Created with the needs of music educators, students, and professionals in mind, Grover Protégé Woodblocks strike the perfect balance between exceptional sound and outstanding value. These woodblocks are a testament to Grover Pro’s dedication to providing a true “sound-value” – where uncompromising quality meets affordability.

Protégé Tambourines

Protégé tambourines seamlessly incorporate professional features for a superior playing experience, setting a new standard in the world of student level concert tambourines.

Grover Protégé tambourines have been meticulously developed to offer an unmatched “bang for the buck” compared to any other concert tambourine. These instruments provide an ideal solution for general-purpose band and orchestral playing, catering to the needs of both aspiring musicians and seasoned educators.

These tambourines boast a hardwood shell with a resilient high gloss finish, ensuring longevity and a polished appearance. The exclusive finger grip design caters to smaller hands, enhancing comfort and control during performances. They also feature captive jingle pins, providing peace of mind as they will never fall out during play. Additionally, each tambourine is equipped with a professional-grade head, contributing to a superior and consistent sound quality. And as an added bonus, every Protégé tambourine comes with a complimentary protective bag, offering convenience and safeguarding the instrument during transportation.

Musicians have the option to select from two professional-grade jingle alloys, each offering a distinct sonic profile: German Silver Jingles that produce a bright and articulate sonority. Or Brass Jingles that generate a full midrange sound.

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