Grover Pro Percussion Launch Raft Of New Products

Grover Pro Percussion is proud to introduce its latest innovations for 2023, kicking off with the Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine. This new product is the only castanet machine in the market that offers two settings to optimize dynamic range response. When properly adjusted, the Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine enables musicians to sound their absolute best!

This model of castanets are slightly smaller and brighter sounding than their large granadillo model, and feature medium-sized clappers made of solid Rosewood. The tension of the castanets is fully adjustable, thanks to the simple tension adjustment knob that can be set to micro fine settings, remaining consistent throughout use.

In addition, the Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine boasts a compact footprint, which makes it ideal for tabletop or cymbal stand mounting. It is designed to offer superior sound quality and performance for musicians of all levels. This product is backed by Grover Pro’s limited lifetime guarantee, ensuring that customers can trust the quality and durability of their purchase.

The Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine has already received rave reviews from customers, including Professor David Eyler from Concordia College. “We absolutely love our new Grover Pro Dual Action Castanet Machine!” said Eyler. “The fully adjustable tension and tabletop or cymbal stand mounting design make it so easy to use. Thank you Grover Pro for another outstanding product in your arsenal!”

If you’re frustrated by having to choose between castanets that sound good but have no adjustment and others which have adjustable tension but lack clarity and richness of sound, then these castanets are for you! Once you try them, you’ll fall in love with the sound and super responsive tension adjustment.

The Grover Rosewood Castanets feature solid rosewood clappers and a simple belt-tension adjustment that can be set to micro-fine settings and remain consistent while using. The comfortable lightweight oak handle ensures that these castanets are easy to hold and play for extended periods of time. In addition, the GWC-2R castanets come with free protective covers, making them easy to store and transport safely.

These castanets are slightly smaller and brighter sounding than their large granadillo model, providing a unique sound and tone that will sets it apart. These castanets are perfect for musicians who demand the best in terms of sound quality and performance capabilities.

Grover Pro is also pleased to announce the GCX™ Concert Snare Drum, a snare drum that is both simple to use and sounds amazing. The GCX is designed specifically for percussionists who are still learning their craft, making it the simplest and most forgiving concert snare drum available.

The GCX has been engineered to produce refined crystal-clear clarity and super-sensitivity that aids in the execution of the softest dynamic passages. It features professional caliber multi-tonal CX snares that are pretensioned at the factory and never need balancing, ever! Additionally, the innovative “RADIAL” bearing edge provides more contact between the batter head and shell, bringing sonic clarity in the softer dynamic range.

One of the key features of the GCX is its “2-Tone” MAGNETIC muffler, which is the only snare drum muffler that features this technology. The muffler instantly locks into the optimal position thanks to internal rare earth magnets, providing two distinct dampening surfaces which result in different degrees of muffling. Whether you like it extra dry, or with a splash of resonance, the muffler is there to provide the perfect sound.

The GCX also includes a 10-ply cross laminated all maple shell, distinctive single point “bow tie” lugs, ADV nodal venting, a simple single lever throw-off, and a free heavy-duty case. The drum’s philosophy is that less is more, so it has only one tension knob adjustment, making it incredibly easy to play.

Grover Pro founder Neil Grover said, “Percussion students have enough to worry about when they perform, they should not have to be concerned with adjusting complicated “multi-sonic” snare systems”. The GCX concert snare drum is affordable and provides a professional sound without the complexity or price-tag of expensive multi-sonic drums.

Featuring two metal pellets in every bell, the newly designed Grover Pro Sleigh Bells offers improved sound production and helps eliminate unwanted “after-ring”. Now, when the player stops playing, the bells stop ringing, resulting in a more precise and controlled performance.

In addition to the improved sound quality, the Grover Pro Sleigh Bells also feature a unique integral rubber foot that allows for silent acquisition and placement on a trap table or any other surface. The round foot also functions as a handle for radial motions, allowing for short staccato notes, and provides a striking surface for playing the bells with one hand.

The set includes 24 carbon steel bells that are chrome plated for durability, delivering a characteristic sound that projects with a brilliant resonance. Musicians can trust the quality and craftsmanship of Grover Pro percussion instruments, which are known for their exceptional sound, durability, and innovative design.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new and improved Sleigh Bells to the market,” said Neil Grover, founder and president of Grover Pro Percussion. “Our team has worked tirelessly to enhance the sound quality and performance capabilities of this instrument, and we believe musicians of all levels will appreciate the improvements we have made.”

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