iFi Studio Joins Exhibits at The UK Drum Show 2023

2023 sees further new exhibits join the growing number of brands at The UK Drum Show, taking place September 30th & 1st October at the ACC Liverpool.

At iFi Studio they are just as passionate about music and sound as you are. They use their 20+ years of esoteric audio research to make products that you can confidently rely upon to deliver the sounds you need to hear, faithfully and accurately.

iFi Studio was born out of a desire to share the cutting-edge research of their parent company, Abbingdon Music Research, whose technologies and discoveries are used in some of the world’s most sought-after audio products, with musicians, engineers and producers.

“After all, you are the people who will benefit most from our unswerving passion for accuracy and sonic authenticity. If you are a music maker, you need to trust that what you record and monitor captures your creativity without compromise”. iFi Studio.

For drummers, monitoring on stage using traditional ‘wedge’ or side-fill monitors can be very detrimental to hearing, due to the high-volume levels and the inherent distortion present in these types of monitors. IEMs prevent this by blocking a lot of the ambient noise and providing a clearer audio presentation with better definition, depth and, crucially, much lower volumes. Likewise in a studio situation, IEMs provide a far more accurate monitoring environment to help you track your latest piece of creative output.

Good IEMs require the best amplification, and this is where the iFi Studio products come in. Their Gryphon Pro Pack and ZEN CAN products are professionally proven and perfect for stage or studio use as extremely high-quality dedicated IEM amplifiers, to provide you with the very best sonic presentation.

Visit us on stand A10b to experience these products and others from our range at The UK Drum Show 2023.

iFi Studio – designed with care in the UK

Artist quotes

“Saying that it sounds incredible would be a HUGE understatement. The functionality of this thing is crazy and there is so much space in the mix. If you want your live mix to sound like a record, this is the vibe!”

Mike Avenaim

Gold and Platinum Drummer / Engineer

“I have compared it to my Metric Halo Labs ULN-8 3D and my Avid Omni and I prefer Gryphon over both of those.”

Gavin Tempany

Recording and Concert Engineering Ltd.

“I must say it’s amazing”

Sander Van Laere

Live and Studio Engineer

“Neutral, honest, true. Better than the DAC in a UAD twin by about 20% I’d say. I could work with this without second guessing myself.”

Gareth Johnson

Stand Alone Productions

Metropolis Studios

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