Ludwig Timpani Herald A New Era

For more than 35 years, the Ludwig Timpani have set the standard for performance in bands and orchestras around the world. Ludwig is proud to announce a design update to all Grand Symphonic, Professional, and Standard Series Timpani. All three lines of Timpani have been updated with incredible new features to improve the functionality and mobility.

Ludwig Timpani Tuning Dial

New tuning gauge placement will allow each Timpani to be configured with American or German set-up, with all tuning gauge linkage being removed from the pedal and seamlessly transferred under the base.

Ludwig Timpani Improved Portability

A permanent third Omni wheel has been added under the pedal. This wheel allows 360º fluid movement, allowing the player to have total control of drum placement. An industry first for Timpani. Further improvements have been made to the rear casters including upgraded braking, larger size wheels with a quick release function. This allows smooth movement and the ability to quickly remove rear casters to enable access through narrow doorways.

The international launch of these breathtaking new instruments takes places at The NAMM Show in January 2019.

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