M-Live Joins Lineup at The UK Drum Show

Organisers of The UK Drum Show are thrilled to welcome M-Live to The UK Drum Show, a newcomer for 2024.

M-Live is a company that specialises in creating software and hardware for musicians, with a focus on professional performers. Over the past 35 years, M-Live has developed their expertise by working closely with musicians, understanding their fundamental needs and striving to solve the problems they face on stage. Their flagship range is called B.Beat, which is a series of devices designed for live performances, providing backing tracks, videos, lyrics, scores and images. Starting in 2022, the first B.Beat model was sold worldwide, and it is now available in over 20 countries.

This console has 6 audio outputs, 2 audio inputs, MIDI, PC and Video out, and has proven to be a game changer in the range of Audio Players for stage. The B.Beat PRO16 version includes 16 outputs and 12 inputs, with a sound card for PC and MAC. With the B.Beat PRO16, musicians can play backing tracks, videos, lyrics and scores on two HDMI outputs and record up to 12 channels. This complete solution eliminates the need for computers, tablets, audio/video cards, cables and mixers, allowing musicians to focus solely on their music. The B.Beat is designed for musicians and drummers who control backing tracks on stage.

Be sure to come along and try out this new tech to be appearing at The UK Drum Show for this first time this September.



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