Mapex Drums Introduce New Saturn Finishes, New Venus Series & New Thrones For 2022

Mapex Drums has recently unveiled a host of new products for 2022 along with new finishes for their ever-popular Saturn Series drums.

New Finishes For Saturn Series

Mapex 2022
Aqua Fade

Saturn Series has become synonymous with the Mapex brand, serving as a cornerstone of the lineup for decades. Known for producing rich, warm and punchy drum tones that are now woven through multiple genres of modern music from live stages and studios all over the world, the Saturn Maple/Walnut hybrid shells defined a new standard by unveiling the potential of blended shell technology.

For many enthusiasts, Saturn is also known for its visual appeal, which is taken to another level in 2022 with the introduction of two new stunning lacquer fade finishes. The Aqua Blue Fade features a clear natural finish transitioning to a watery aqua blue evoking relaxing visions of the intersection of ocean waves and near white sand on a tropical beach. The striking Sulphur Fade features a warm golden glow emerging triumphantly from dark earthtone black.

Mapex 2022
Sulphur Fade

All of the innovative features that the Saturn Series is known for remain in place, including the SONIClearTM tom suspension system, floor tom feet designed to increase overall resonance by preserving vibration in the shell, as well as low-contact bass drum claws. The SONIClearTM bearing edge profile on all Saturn toms and bass drums continues to ensure quality transmission of sound from head to shell, reducing unwanted overtone frequencies, and providing a strong fundamental pitch. This also lends to an effortless tuning experience which serves to elevate practical function to equal the high level of the outstanding sound and look of these fine instruments.

New Venus Series Kits

Mapex 2022
Venus Series

The all-new for 2022 Mapex Venus Series complete drum kit presents an all-inclusive setup for the first-time player ready to start the “Drummer for Life” adventure. As a global drum company with a 30 plus year reputation for manufacturing excellence and a dedication to the entry-level product space, the development and re-launch of the Venus Series is a commitment to producing exactly what drummers need to succeed. The kit includes a 5-piece shell pack, complete with matching snare drum, outfitted with a complete set of stands and pedals, cymbals, a drummer’s throne, and even a first pair of drumsticks. The Venus Series is available in Rock and Fusion setups in a choice of six colors: Black Galaxy, Blue Sky, Aqua Blue, Crimson Red, Copper Metallic, and Steel Blue Metallic.

The Venus Series kit is the perfect instrument for starting a meaningful drumming experience,” states Mapex Brand Manager Jeff Mulvihill. “I am thrilled to re-introduce the Venus series as a complete and affordable package allowing these first-kit experiences to come to life with smiles from first-timers, students, teachers, and parents of all walks of life.

After a 20 plus year absence from the market, the Venus series returns with 100% poplar shell construction producing a legit drum sound huge on tone and easy on the price tag. Most entry level kits skimp on the sound, but Venus kits are appointed with the same Mapex SONIClearTM bearing edge technology and attention to detail as pro-level Mapex drums producing rich tones from the toms, a robust crack from the snare drum, and a punchy low thump from the bass drum. Including the perfect collection of stands, pedals, cymbals, throne, and drumsticks makes the purchase experience complete and easy with one simple price. Drummers no longer have to hunt down all the separate parts of the instrument. With Venus series, your drumming starts here and takes you anywhere you want to go on your “Drummer for Life” adventure.

New 800 Series Thrones

T865SER Throne

Every solid groove needs a solid foundation. Drummers anchor the band, filling dance floors and causing crowds to roar. The kick and snare drums are the sonic building blocks that make music feel good, but to lay those squarely in the pocket, everything about the feel behind the kit needs to be secure and stable.

Mapex is proud to support grooves everywhere with the introduction of the all-new 800 series thrones. Six new models for 2022 bring solid no-nonsense features for true reliability and unquestionable support. Saddle-style models with both cloth and vinyl tops feature sloped leg openings and biomechanically shaped seats with or without back rest for all playing styles and comfort choices. Round top seat models are also available for those who prefer the feel of this timeless and basic supportive style. All models feature and increased threaded spindle diameter with a newly reimagined spindle lock, bring ultimate security and convenience of adjustment to your preferred version. The new extra-large slip-proof rubber feet are sure to anchor you in place while you groove.

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