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@NAMM 2019: New Additions For Pearl

Introduced in 2017, Pearl’s Sonic Select Shell Recipes gave a performance-formula focus to the boutique-level Masterworks series. Though each sonically-tested option represents the very best in form and function, the Studio Recipe won the favor of many a Pearl Artist due to its explosive midrange warmth and extended low-end power.

Starting in 2019, the Studio Recipe will be available for a limited time as Masters Maple/Gum series drums. Available in a pre-selected offering of hand-lacquered and wrapped finishes, each will feature a vault-cured EvenPly-Six layered premium North American Maple and Gum wood shell with 60-degree edges, Mastercast Die-Cast hoops, and Pearl’s CL bridge lugs.

“Make no mistake about it, Masters Maple/Gum is a Masterworks drum set,” states Pearl R&D Director Raymond Massey. “The only thing missing is the level of finish and hardware customization that comes with the Masterworks program. We’ve spent the last year sound-testing these drums to assure that the right combination of shell woods, hoops, and lugs was in the mix for an elite playing experience; and we couldn’t be prouder of the results!”

Available in Hand-Rubbed Satin Natural Maple (#189) Black Diamond Pearl (#421,) Matte White Marine (#422,) and Platinum Gold Oyster (#453,) Masters Maple Gum will be offered in two shell packs with a limited selection of component add-on drums.


Pearl Modern Utility Snare

Elsewhere, Pearl’s Modern Utility Snare drum line has been expanded to include one new Maple 14”x10” Floor Snare model as Limited Edition.
“We developed the Modern Utility Snare Drum line to give the working drummer a wide range of high-performance models to choose from,” says Raymond Massey, Pearl’s Director of Research and Development. “Adding this 14”x10” Floor Snare model to the mix gives the player an even more modern and unique voice; with the same quality and value promise as the other models in the line.”

Pearl Icon Rack System

Finally, Pearl have added to their highly-regarded Icon Rack System. Originally developed in 1983 with legendary Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro, Pearl’s original DR-1 Drum Rack was the first free-standing, frame-based drum support system available. Today, in celebration of 35 years of pioneering the drum rack, Pearl’s ICON (short for Independent CONtrol,) Rack systems are being greatly expanded with a new selection of clamps and accessories.

All new pre-configured single and three-sided rack packages and individual ICON components have been upgraded to include a rotating support foot.

In addition, eight new accessory clamps have been developed for the slip-free ICON square rack rail and round support pipe; dramatically increasing the level of set-up flexibility and function variety.
To showcase the possibilities of these new additions to the ICON cannon, Pearl will launch an online player resource and idea center of ICON Rack Recipes; featuring step-by-step instructions on how to get the most from existing and available Pearl Rack parts.

“So many players see Rack building as not only a set-up option for drum and cymbals, but also a way
to showcase their own individual visual style,” states Pearl Combo Marketing Manager, Kevin Packard. “The new Rack Recipe resource shows not only the possibilities we have found in our own in-house experiments, but will hopefully serve as inspiration for drummers and technicians to build and share their own ideas.”

For more details, visit: www.pearldrum.com