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Pearl Announces Further Products Following 75th Anniversary

Pearl Announces Further Products Following 75th Anniversary

Following last weeks 75th Anniversary celebrations from Pearl Drums, along with the announcement and release of the 2021 President Series Phenolic Kit, Pearl have continued with additional releases for the coming year.

Culled from the very origins of The World’s Largest Drum Company, President Deluxe Series revives the darkly unique tonality of Lauan Shells for a traditionally full, controlled playing experience.

“Lauan shells were the basis for what has come to be known as ‘The MIJ (Made in Japan) Sound,'” says Kevin Packard, Combo Marketing Manager at Pearl Corporation. “Though the fittings have been updated, President Series Deluxe drums have an inviting presence to them, with the gritty tonal vibe of the original.”

Presenting prime vintage style without the shortcomings of yesterday’s hardware, President Series Deluxe features a recasting of our classic “Battleship” lug and adjustable tone mufflers on each drum. The elegant identity of Pearl’s original script badge and classic bass drum logo augment the swirling flash of a choice of our two new Ripple-covered finishes.

President Series Deluxe drum kits come in a choice of two shell configurations (a 14″ x5.5″ snare and a limited number of components are also available separately.) Each comes standard with Remo CS “Black Dot” UT heads, classic felt bass drum muffling strip, shell-mounted cymbal holder, and adjustable “Gullwing” style bass drum spurs.

2021-edition kits will come standard with a signed 75th Anniversary Certificate of Authenticity.

President Series Deluxe 3-pc. Shell Packs:

  • 22″ x14″ Bass, 16″ x16″ Floor, 13″ x9″ Tom (PSD923XP/C)
  • 20″ x14″ Bass, 14″ x14″ Floor, 12″ x8″ Tom (PSD903XP/C)
  • SSP € 1,699.00
  • President Series Deluxe 14”x5.5” Snare Drum (PSD1455SE/C768)
  • SSP € 339.00

Initially introduced in 1996, Pearl’s SensiTone snare drum line-up has long been a mainstay for performance-driven professional drummers. Through changing styles and tastes, three metal shell types have remained constant for their necessary, vital tones: Steel, Aluminum, and Brass.

Pearl celebrates their unmistakable sound with six new SensiTone Heritage Alloy snare drum models.

Each one recalls legendary, chart-topping sonic punch with an undeniably modern sensibility.

“These are the shell types that are in the heaviest rotation for road and studio players,” admits Frank Jacobs, Pearl Europe’s Artist Relations Manager. “Putting a Heritage Alloy drum on the stand and under the mics is like putting on a favorite record; you keep coming back to them because they just sound flawless.”

Sensitone Heritage Alloy Steel models feature a 1mm beaded chrome shell with the right gig-ready touches, making them a utility standard for the power drummer.


  • Sensitone Heritage Alloy Steel 14 “x5” Snare Drum (STH1450S)
  • SSP € 279,00
  • Sensitone Heritage Alloy Steel 14 “x6.5” Snare Drum (STH1465S)

    Sensitone Heritage Alloy Steel 14 “x6.5” Snare Drum (STH1465S)

  • SSP € 299.00
Sensitone Heritage Alloy Aluminum 14″x5″ Snare Drum (STH1450AL)

Heritage Alloy Aluminum models feature a 1.2mm seamless beaded shell for tonal nuance and dry snap.

  • Sensitone Heritage Alloy Aluminum 14″x5″ Snare Drum (STH1450AL)
  • SSP € 369.00Sensitone Heritage Alloy Aluminum 14 “x6.5” Snare Drum (STH1465AL)
  • SSP € 389.00

The Sensitone Heritage Alloy Brass drums feature a 1mm, black nickel-plated beaded brass shell: delivering beautiful, timeless tones with enough sonic flexibility to make them fit in any genre.

Sensitone Heritage Alloy Black/Brass 14 “x5” Snare Drum (STH1450BR)
  • Sensitone Heritage Alloy Black/Brass 14 “x5” Snare Drum (STH1450BR)
  • SSP € 419.00
Sensitone Heritage Alloy Black/Brass 14″x6.5″ Snare Drum (STH1465BR)
  • Sensitone Heritage Alloy Black/Brass 14″x6.5″ Snare Drum (STH1465BR)
  • SSP € 469.00

Pearl Redesigns and Expands its Legendary Philharmonic Series Concert Snare Drums 

Belfeld, NL. Since 2000, Pearl has set the standard for legendary concert snare drum performance with the Philharmonic series of instruments. Pearl Introduces new features to this world-renowned line up including the new and improved SR505 Triad Silent Strainer including new wrap around assembly materials, new shell configurations, and timeless finishing touches for the next generation of players.  

The New SR505 Triad Silent Strainer on every drum in the series is an upgraded and improved version of the world-renowned Philharmonic snare strainer developed after years of close collaboration with some of the world’s finest and most discriminating performing artists. 

New features of the SR505 include: New Captive adjustment touchpoints and mechanical improvements of the three independently adjustable snare assemblies. New full wrap around guitar wire snare assemblies for ultimate sensitivity and tonal expression in the softest range of your playing. New Quick Release Snare mounting system maintains your individual adjustment settings on all three assemblies for fast and easy head replacement and maintenance.

The newest drum added to the Philharmonic series in 2021 is the amazing 20-ply, 18mm thick 100% Maple & Birch shell PHTRF model drums. The 20-ply maple drums produce the most articulate and cutting response from the entire Philharmonic Series and has an immediate presence in any hall. These incredible drums feature Pearl’s famous STL lugs and Die Cast hoops plated in lustrous Nickel. Each drum shell is hand finished in a classic #359 Twilight Burst, or the unique #187 Silver White Swirl.    

The PHP series Ply Maple Philharmonics feature a new 8-ply 7.2mm 100% Maple shell configuration and are now upgraded with Nickle plated hardware. Stunning new finishes complete the package featuring #314 Barnwood Brown Burst, #405 Nicotine White Marine Pearl.

Pearl creates the first inlaid metal snare models with new Duoluxe Chrome/Brass drums.

Pearl presents Duoluxe: a modern take on the legendary, “inter-planetary” snare drum sound in celebration of three-quarters of a century of iconic drumming sounds and advancements. With the look and rigidity of our trademark dual inverted shell beads, Pearl takes the chrome-over-brass alloy shell of our classic Jupiter snare and inlays it with two finish bands of Nicotine White Marine Pearl. This gives the shell a distinct look and adds tonal control to its unbridled sound.

“This is not merely a reissue of the Jupiter Snare Drum,” states Steve Armstrong, Pearl Corporation Director of Marketing. “We wanted to give drummers that sound with current function. Though adding the inlays proved to be a unique challenge, the result makes it like playing a work of art!”

Our newly recast “Battleship” Lugs, smooth SR017 Strainer, and solid 2.3mm SuperHoop II triple-flanged hoops balance out the package for classically graceful drumming charisma.

Duoluxe Chrome/Brass 14″x 5″ Snare
  • Duoluxe Chrome/Brass 14″x 5″ Snare W/#405 Nicotine White Marine Inlays (DUX1450BR)
  • SSP € 549.00
Duoluxe Chrome/Brass 14″x 6.5″ Snare
  • Duoluxe Chrome/Brass 14″x 6.5″ Snare W/#405 Nicotine White Marine Inlays (DUX1465BR)
  • SSP € 599.00

Pearl’s DadoLoc construction creates a stronger drum shell for new StaveCraft snares.

Producing sharp sonic focus and full-bodied volume for the heavy player, StaveCraft snares are a stunning addition to any pro player’s drumming soundscape. These remarkable snare drums boast a mammoth 25mm thick shell made entirely of meticulously beveled solid exotic wood staves.

StaveCraft 14″ x 6.5″ Makha w/Thai Oak DadoLoc

The hidden gem in these snare drums lies in an old-world joining method called DadoLoc. This construction principle is exclusive to these snare drums, and the result is a shell that’s twice as strong and pushes the volume boundary over the cliff!

StaveCraft 14″ x5″ Makha w/Thai Oak DadoLoc

Like pieces in an intricate puzzle, each two-layer stave shell receives an added stave of alternating wood in the center Dado channel, increasing total shell strength by 50%. The shell is then lathed to a perfectly round 25mm thickness, hand-lacquered, and fitted with our Swivel Tube Lugs and MasterCast diecast counterhoops for added volume and tuning precision.

StaveCraft snare drums are available in two shell types (Makha Wood with Thai Oak DadoLoc or Thai Oak with Makha DadoLoc,) and two sizes for the perfect fusion of classic craftsmanship and new-school performance.

  • StaveCraft 14″ x6.5″ Makha w/Thai Oak DadoLoc (SCD1465MK)
  • StaveCraft 14″ x5″ Makha w/Thai Oak DadoLoc (SCD1450MK)

SSP € 999.00

  • StaveCraft 14″ x6.5″ Thai Oak w/Makha DadoLoc (SCD1465TO)
  • StaveCraft 14”x5” Thai Oak w/Makha DadoLoc (SCD1450TO)

SSP € 899.00

Periphery drummer Matt Halpern collaborates with Pearl on new Signature Snare

To match his aggressive drumming, Pearl Artist Matt Halpern designed each element of his Signature Snare Drum to complement -as well as contrast- the complex nature of his playing. Subtle touches, like black powder-coating and three shell vents, help temper the lively nature of its 1.5mm Brass shell.

Matt Halpern 14″x6″ Black-on-Brass Signature Snare Drum

“We worked really hard to put together the right combination of features to build a top-quality, incredible sounding snare drum,” said Matt upon completion of the project. “I’m humbled, honored, and excited at what we were able to achieve!” said Halpern.

MasterCast die-cast hoops boost projection, but Evans Heavyweight Dry heads deliver a yielding attack. Its STL150 ClipLock strainer provides increased sensitivity, while visual touches like black/brass STL Swivel Tube Lugs and striking yellow gaskets serve to inspire the ideal performance. The result is a snare drum with cutting, dry versatility that responds to quick and aggressive hits and fits in various styles and situations with an expanded tuning range.

  • Matt Halpern 14″x6″ Black-on-Brass Signature Snare Drum (MH1460/B)
  • SSP € 799.00

Pearl Introduces New Travel Timbales

The Pearl Travel Series of Congas and Bongos has a new sibling – the Travel Timbales. The 14″ and 15″ steel shell timbales are professional in diameter but only 4″ deep and produce full, rich, cutting timbale tones. The drums are connected by a unique hinge that marries them to the Quick Release stand. This custom hinge allows the drums to be folded together into the size of one standard depth timbale for easy storage and transportation. The Travel Timbales come with a single braced stand that includes an 11.25″ adjustable accessory post with six positions that allow cowbells and blocks to be placed at the perfect distance from the player. The steel shells feature a black lacquer finish and USA Remo clear Ambassadors heads for a genuinely professional sounding instrument.

The entire Travel Congas, Bongos, and Timbales family are perfect for the gigging percussionist and make setup and tear down the easiest part of the gig.

PTTM-1415                   Travel Timbales                         € 549.00

PSC-TTM                       Travel Timbales Bag                  € 42.99

PSC-TTMS                     Travel Timbales Stand Bag         € 29.00

For more information on Pearl’s new Travel Timbales and to hear them, please visit www.pearldrum.com/eu.