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Pearl Drums launch new e/Merge kit

Pearl Drums e/Merge launch

Renowned drum company Pearl Drums recently unveiled their new e/Merge e-kit after spending five years working hand-in-hand with one of the music industry’s leading electronics companies, Korg.

Pearl states that “e/MERGE is about change, and change in the e-drum market has been way overdue. When we looked closely at every aspect of the current e-drumming experience with KORG, together we knew we could make a dramatic difference. And that difference begins with the all-new e/MERGE module. Simple yet elegant in design, the e/MERGE MDL-1 module features a full library of hi definition, natural, organic and minimally processed acoustic Pearl drums.”

Pearl Drums e/Merge Module

Said sounds were recorded in one of the world’s most respected recording studios in historic Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Both current and vintage Pearl instruments in a full variety of sizes were chosen and sampled. Alongside this some familiar tones in the style of several iconic Pearl artists, some specific genres, decades, and historic songs and styles from the past to the present also feature on the module, which is powered by a pair of high-speed multicore processors.

Elsewhere, the kit boasts Pearl’s new PUREtouch pad technology, which Pearl tells us: “…walks the finest line between the natural feel of an acoustic drum head and the response of an electric pad.” Coupled with this, the kit also utilises Korg’s much-revered WAVE technology by introducing Wave Trigger Technology, which uses parallel processing of your character and your sound and seamlessly layers it with HD samples of real Pearl acoustic drums.

Pearl Drums e/Merge Wave Trigger

The kit comes in a variety of configurations (one-up – two-down, two-up – one-down, two-up – two-down), as well as having the option of either a sturdy bass drum pad (which in itself is highly innovative thanks to its shock absorbing mechanism and swivel legs) or an optional 18” acoustic bass drum with internal pad (for an additional cost).

Pearl Drums e/Merge e-kit

Completing the package is a trio of e-cymbals: 18”, triple-zone ride, 15” dual-zone crash and 14” dual- zone hi-hats, as well as a slightly modified Pearl Icon rack system.

For more information, visit: www.pearlemerge.com