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The UK Drum Show Begins Expansion for 2023 with Jobeky’s “How To Hybrid”

The UK Drum Show Begins Expansion for 2023 with Jobeky's "How To Hybrid"

The UK Drum Show which returned at the ACC Liverpool earlier this year, is set to expand for 2023 with key Educational features and “How To” experiences following a polling of their 2022 guests.

The UK Drum Show which took place on the 2 & 3 April for its fourth year, but for the first time at the larger venue, the ACC Liverpool, saw its largest gathering with over 5000 tickets sold for this two day dedicated consumer drum and percussion exhibition.

Left to right: Louie Palmer, Richard Spaven, Greyson Nekrutman confirmed for The UK Drum Show 2023

In addition to largest gathering of drum and percussion products, main stage artists and clinics, with Louie Palmer, Richard Spaven and Greyson Nekrutman already confirmed for 2023, with further acts to be announced, organisers Gold Media & Events is set to announce further content to attract drummers far and wide.

With several announcements to follow, “How To Hybrid” in association with Jobeky Drums and featuring Vicky O’Neon kicks off the first announcement of additional content guests will experience at The UK Drum Show 2023.

Jobeky are pleased to present “How to Hybrid” at the UK Drum Show 2023″.
“Jobeky have been making electronic drums, cymbals and triggers for 17 years and will talk about and show how you can incorporate electronics into your playing, whether that be using a few electronic drums in your setup or a full electronic kit or even drop in triggers to turn your kit into an electronic kit”.
The triggers Jobeky make can even be used under an acoustic kit for live playing to trigger samples. Electronics are being used more and more by drummers now whether for home use or live and Jobeky can show you how easy it  is to incorporate them into your playing.
Vicky O’Neon will join Jobeky drums to demonstrate how to incorporate triggers and electronic drums to your live set up. Together they will break down the technical aspects of triggering and also show the great advantages with hybrid and electronic drums to recreate advanced electronic drum productions live, something that is becoming more and more important for drummers today!
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