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UK Made Drum Pedals for The UK Drum Show!

UK Made Drum Pedals for The UK Drum Show!

Duallist Drums & Pedals, known for their innovative and award-winning designs, have been making some big waves in the drumming community.

Kevin Mackie, Duallist designer, developed the landmark D4 Dual Pedal in the basement of their farmhouse as he wanted to play both double pedal and his hi-hat at the same time but didn’t have three feet! The initial prototype was made of LEGO® and the second was old tractor parts, table legs for beaters, and his old scout belt for the belts. With a background in farming, Kevin wanted  the final product to be unique and of the highest quality and durability, so he chose DuPont™ Zytel®, which not only makes them look fantastic, but super strong, smooth, and lightweight as well. Duallist offers a wide range of pedals built with the same revolutionary material including lefty and custom versions upon request.

Meet the team:

D4 Dual Pedal: A highly practical single pedal with double-pedal performance, the D4 Dual Pedal frees up the drummer’s other foot for controlled hi-hats or percussion instruments. A fantastic, innovative pedal that opens up new creative opportunities.

D1 Single Pedal: The same space age technology which made the D4 Dual Pedal an award winner is now built into an extra tough, yet lightweight D1 SINGLE pedal. This revolutionary drum pedal is both smooth and responsive giving great speed and feel and an efficient feet-to-beat process.

D2 Double Pedal: The D2 Double Pedal uses a double footboard, double beater design as seen on traditional pedals, but uses super tough, lightweight DuPont™ Zytel® engineering polymers, and low-noise mechanisms.

D3 Triple Pedal: The most innovative and creative pedal they’ve ever produced, the D3 Triple. As well as providing all the great performance of a double pedal, you get a third beater. This enables you to play fast bass drum rolls as well as using the left foot to punctuate the right foot rhythm. It’s like having 4 pedals in 1, single mode, double, mode, dual mode and triple mode.

Want more? They’ve got it!

The Duallist team has developed what’s been called the ‘hit’ accessory of the year, Gig Grips!

A simple but practical design that lets you grip your stick and feel the beat, but without strain, slips or dropped sticks. A looser grip is a better grip – drum for hours with less fatigue and lessen the impact of over-gripping and repetitive strain injuries. Ideal for laying down trouble-free tracks for recording.

Works on any drumstick up to 2Bs and with any grip technique. Slips smoothly over any finger or thumb, fully adjustable, but grips your sticks tightly for even the hardest of gig.

Want some more ‘bang’ for your buck? Try the best-selling Brushed Copper Snare drum which has graced some of the worlds biggest stages this year.

A unique sound that can fill a stadium and cuts through without nasty overtones. It’s custom 2.3mm shell, finished in brushed copper gives the drum a beautiful rich sound. This snare has been used in many different musical styles, tuning ranges and with various head/wire configurations and always impresses with its stunning sound and look.

 Fancy a custom kit? Duallist has you covered!

When your drumming is as individual as your signature – you need Custom Drums from Duallist.

Want to see more of this beast of a kit or any of their other products in real life? Go along and see the Duallist team at the show at Booth A11.