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Vic Firth Introduce RE•MIX Brushes

Looking for the ultimate in sound exploration? Vic Firth RE·MIX Brushes are the first and only brushes designed to allow you to mix and match pairs, opening up a world of sonic possibilities. Designed with world-renown percussionist Pete Lockett, Vic Firth RE·MIX Brushes pair together easily so you can create unique sounds not otherwise possible, and customize the amount of volume and attack you get depending on how you mix and match the brushes.

From the drum set to Latin percussion to the Cajon and so much more, these brushes are incredibly versatile especially once you start combining pairs together. Natural materials provide an organic feel and sound, while the specially designed handles pair comfortably in your hand to give you the effortless feel you’d expect from Vic Firth.

MODEL      DESCRIPTION                                WIDTH   HEIGHT         LENGTH

RM1            Broomcorn                                         .5”           .875”               14.125”
RM2            African Grass                                     .5”           .875”               14.125”
RM3            Birch                                                 .5”           .875”               14.125”
RM4            Birch/Rattan Hybrid                            .375”       .875”               14.125”

RMP            Combo Pack (African Grass & Birch)   –             –                     –