Home Accessories Vic Firth Launches The Nate Smith Signature Series Stick

Vic Firth Launches The Nate Smith Signature Series Stick

Vic Firth Launches The Nate Smith Signature Series Stick

The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, is pleased to announce the release of the new Nate Smith Signature Series sticks.

For nearly two decades, Nate Smith has been impacting the music scene with his visceral, instinctive, and deep-rooted style of drumming. From jazz to fusion, R&B to hip-hop, from pop to rock and everywhere in between Nate Smith grooves like wind around the drum set. Now Nate brings that same energy and versatility to Vic Firth with his new Signature Series drumsticks.

Being slightly thinner than a 7A in the grip, with added length and a medium taper for a smooth response and impeccable balance, this stick is great for sitting right in the pocket. Crafted with made-in-the-USA hickory wood, the Nate Smith Signature Series sticks offer a strong tried and true composition. The rounded barrel tip allows for articulation at any angle and lets you pull serious sound out of your cymbals.

“We’re fortunate to have an incredible amount of talent in the Vic Firth family of artists, really the best in the world,” says Vic Firth Global Brand Manager Mike Weber. “We are so thrilled to welcome the immensely talented and always influential Nate Smith as the newest Vic Firth Signature Series artist. Nate is such a versatile and energetic player, and that versatility and effortless flow really comes to life in his new signature stick. Developing a new creative tool with an artist is always inspiring. Working with Nate was certainly no exception. We genuinely think drummers all over the world are going to love Nate’s signature stick design.”

The Nate Smith Signature Series sticks are available at vicfirth.com, authorized dealers, and international distributor partners.