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Vintage Vibes From Mr. Muff

Muff Deluxe Beaters

The MUFFKOPF for the bass drum beater. Covering acoustic gigs, fine Jazz, modern Electro, reverberant churches, studio sessions – the MUFFKOPF can be used anywhere.

If you play the new designed shaggy outside, it will be strongly dampened; if you turn it around the felted inside will give minimal attack. Fits all common pedals. Available in black, green or orange.

Material: outside: 100% polyacrylics / inside: 100% polyester fiber
Weight: ~20g
Dimensions when mounted: 3.5/3.5/2.4 inches

Also available with sheep fleece as MUFFKOPF deluxe! In black or white.

Also available is the MUFFSTICK


The MUFFSTICK is the new muffle coat for your drumstick. Quiet tom grooves, muted snare drum sounds, cymbal swells without a tone of the stick… no problem anymore with the MUFFSTICK!
Put your normal drum stick between 7A and 5B in the sleeve at the backside of the big muffle surface. The reinforced area of felt and the typical MUFFKOPF outside in the new skunk design are providing quick muffle effects.
And if you’re playing with more drive the useful strap for your finger or the new hook-and-loop fastener prevents your MUFFSTICK flying in the audience. Clolours: black, green or orange.

100% polyester/polyacryl
, length 29.5cm, 
width 5.5cm to 9.5cm
thickness 1.5cm
weight 45g

Also available as light version!