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Vox Introduce Telstar Maple

Vox Introduce Telstar Maple

The VOX Telstar Maple is a brand-new version of the popular VOX TELSTAR 2020 with maple shells and a new appearance.

Supervised by the SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE team, the new VOX Telstar Maple keeps the iconic oval kick shape of its predecessor, inspired on an iconic VOX drum set from the 60s, bringing a whole new sound palette, perfect for all kind of drummers!

New sound horizons

This brand-new kit takes everything that made the previous VOX Telstar 2020 great and elevates the sonic performance. Under the strict supervision of the SAKAE engineering and development team, Maple was chosen for this new kit for its warm tone, deep bass and clear mid-high frequencies, making it a really well- balanced drum kit.

Following its predecessor, the characteristic oval head was conceived following a revolutionary concept: What if you could have two different sounding kick drums in one? The character, pitch and harmonics of the kick drum will vary depending on where it’s hit, giving you more flexibility and performance possibilities.

The Telstar heads are made specially by REMO US , legendary amongst drum head producers, assuring top-quality sound, quality, endurance and availability.

New looks

The VOX Telstar Maple has an elegant finish, natural wood on the body shell as well as a tasteful black hoop on the kick drum to match any stage or recording studio. The uniquely shaped kick drum is visually arresting and will captivate everyone in the audience!

Not only that, the simplicity of the VOX Telstar Maple makes this an easy-to-set-up and ready-to-play drum kit with surprising versatility.

The set includes all the necessary drum stands, kick-drum pedal and hi-Hat stand, so there is no need to purchase any additional extra hardware besides your cymbals and throne – you are ready to rock!