Xvive launches the PX Portable 3-Channel Personal Mixer

Xvive helped musicians and singers around the world hear themselves and others with T9 In-Ear Monitors and the U4 In-Ear Monitor Wireless System. Now they’re announcing a new wired monitoring productthe PX Portable 3-Channel Personal Mixer. It’s a beltpack unit that receives audio via Ethernet cable from a mixing console and gives users control over three separate audio feeds. Most bands don’t have the luxury of a monitor mix engineer, and often need to mix their own sound from the stage; the PX system makes it easier for each band member to hear exactly what they need to hear.

The PX System is comprised of the PX-A Mixer/Headphone Amplifier, the PX-B 3-Channel Snake, and EC25 25-foot Cat 5 Ethernet cable. The PX-B snake connects to up to three aux outs on your soundboard, allowing you to send three different submixes of your choice to the PX-A. For example, one mix could be only your vocal; one could be other vocals; and one could be a mix of instruments. The EC25 Cat 5 cable (or any ethernet cable up to 200 feet long) connects the snake to the PX-A beltpack, which then allows the user to control not only the levels of each of the three channels, but also the panning of each, as well as the master volume level. Users connect in-ear monitors or other headphones or earbuds to the PX-A.

Using Ethernet cable allows the PX system to send three channels of audio through one long cable, and allows users to power the PX-A unit using PoE (Power over Ethernet) by simply connecting a 9V/2A center-negative power supply to the PX-B snake. Alternatively, the PX-A unit can be powered for up to 5 hours on two AAA batteries.

For bands or groups of up to five performers, the PX system can be expanded with the PX-H Hub: a rackmountable breakout box that takes one ethernet input and distributes it to up to five PX-A beltpacks. The PX-H sends the same three submix signals to everyone connected.

The PX System is available now from Xvive dealers and online retailers worldwide, and sells for $129.99 USD.
The PX-A Mixer/Headphone Amplifier ($69.99 USD), PX-B Snake ($49.99 USD), EC25 cable and A2 power supply are all available separately. The PX-H Hub is $79.99 USD.

For more information, visit the official PX product page at: https://xvive.com/audio/product/px-portable-3-channel-personal-mixer/

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