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2BOX Speedlight E-Kit – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Speedlight Electronic Kit from 2BOX-Drums featuring…


  • Five-piece kit consisting of 10″ snare pad, 3 x 8″ tom pads & bass drum pad,
  • 12″ crash, 13″ hi-hat & 14″ ride cymbal pads,
  • hi-hat stand & rack to house all pads,
  • All necessary cables for connecting pads to module.


  • DrumIt Three drum module,
  • 4GB sound memory,
  • 44.1 kHz Sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters,
  • 15 trigger inputs,
  • 4 main outputs,
  • Line in,
  • Headphone,
  • Midi In/Out,
  • USB for transferring data.

2BOX says…”The Speedlight kit is rugged, and solid. The playing surfaces are very realistic, and as possibly your first or second electronic kit expressive beyond the capabilities of any other drum manufacturer, especially when linked to the DrumIt3 module. The most important part of any electronic drum kit, is the sound source. It is the heart and soul of any kit. You can have a setup with lots of pads, cymbals, bells and whistles and it all looks very impressive. But! And it is a very important But! Unless the sound module can deliver cutting edge technology, with unparalleled sound the whole experience will be very disappointing. With the Speedlight kit you get what is possibly one of the best edrum modules ever designed. Simply compare the specifications of the Di3 module to any other module currently on the market, and you will quickly see it has very few competitors.

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!!

RRP: £1099.00



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