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Husht LTV Quiet Cymbals – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a set of Husht LTV Quiet Cymbals, featuring…

  • 20″ Ride,
  • 14″ Hi-Hats,
  • 16″ Crash,
  • Copper, Zinc & Aluminium alloy construction,
  • Brushed Titanium finish.

Husht says…“Husht is a new brand of low-volume cymbals designed by drummers for drummers! The durable range of cymbals have the same feel and response as traditional cymbals, but with a significantly lower volume, hence the name (Husht LTV – Lowering The Volume). These cymbals are perfect for all drumming scenarios… Use them for practicing at home without irritating your neighbours, and protecting your ears at the same time. Use them in the studio, for a quieter recording. And they can be perfect live, especially for much quieter, acoustic gigs.The LTV’s have been praised for the way they carry the same sound characteristics as a regular cymbal, and even feel the same all-around, but sit at a perfectly reduced volume that enables you to play as normal, just without that booming cymbal volume! Husht LTV’s are an absolute must-have addition to any drummer’s arsenal, due to their full versatility. The cymbals are perfect for any situation, whether you want to practice with them on an acoustic kit, add them to an electronic kit for a more real-feel, play them live in a quiet acoustic set, record in-studio or even add them to your regular cymbals to experiment with cymbal stacks and effects and give your kit that added personality. No matter what you use them for, Husht cymbals are essential to add to your gear! ”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

RRP: Husht LTV Quiet Cymbals £249.00 (including soft carry bag)

Many thanks to Drum Shop (UK) for supplying the team this drum for review: www.drumshop.co.uk


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