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Pearl e/Merge E-Kit – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Pearl e/Merge e-kit, featuring…

  • Korg Wave Trigger technology,
  • MDL-1 Module,
  • PureTouch Pads,
  • 18″ acoustic bass drum,
  • 14″ snare pad,
  • 10″ & 12″ rack tom pads,
  • 14″ floor tom pad”
  • Dual-zone 14″ hats,
  • Dual-zone 15″ crash
  • Triple-zone 18″ ride,
  • Three sided rack, cables and mounts (excluding hi-hat stand and bass drum pedal),
  • 35 pre-configured kits + 50 user kits, EQ, compression, on-board metronome.

Pearl says…“e/MERGE is about change, and change in the e-drum market has been way overdue. When we looked closely at every aspect of the current e-drumming experience with KORG, together we knew we could make a dramatic difference. And that difference begins with the all new e/MERGE module. Simple yet elegant in design, the e/MERGE MDL-1 module features a full library of hi definition, natural, organic and minimally processed acoustic Pearl drums. We then added the very best electronic, world, orchestral and specialty percussion sounds from KORG’s vast library of pristine quality samples. But the module is only part of the change.

Introducing WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY. This all new technology partially based upon KORG’s now legendary Wave Drum brings a realism, instantaneous response and dynamic range never before imagined possible. The sensitivity provided by WTT is simply amazing. Pearl’s all new PUREtouch Pad System completes the experience. PUREtouch has been painstakingly developed to create a true acoustic-like pad experience. No excessive unnatural bounce and no wrist shaking ultra-hard practice pad like feel, PUREtouch provides the sizes and feel every acoustic drummer has come to expect.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!!

RRP: £3600.00 (approx.)


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