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A Personal Note to Guru

Drummer’s Review is, whilst very pleased to learn of the recovery of Andy Crosby of Guru Drums, saddened to hear that Andy will be distancing himself in due course and in his words, ‘handing over the potential baton’ of Guru Drums to hopefully another quality individual and equally passionate ‘good guy’ to carry on his legacy, hard work and all that he has achieved over the years.

In our time at Drummer’s Review and throughout the launches of the London Drum Show and now pastures new, with The UK Drum Show in Manchester, Andy/ Guru has been very supportive and encouraging for all that we have done. In simple words, he strives for uncompromising perfection, with charm, character with a professional and helpful attitude which resonates through the quality of Guru. Andy will be sorely missed by us all, but hopefully not too far away from the distant sound of drums.

We leave you with a few words from Andy, and look forward to seeing him and Guru at The UK Drum Show next month in Manchester. Be sure to come and say hi! Best wishes, Neil Golding – Publisher.