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Dream Cymbals Introduce Eclipse Range New For 2020

Canadian cymbal makers Dream Cymbals revealed their latest innovations at the recent NAMM show with their hand-hammered Eclipse Range.

The new range consists of 17″ & 19″ crashes, 21″ & 23″ rides and 15″ hi-hats.

Each cymbal in the range is made from hand-hammered B20 bronze and feature half-lathed, dual-zone playing surfaces. Of the new range, Dream says: “The Eclipse 17″ crash gives a warm and full crash that will be at the top of any mix, while the 19″ crash gives a wide-open, loud-but-controllable sound when struck on the shoulder along with a responsive and articulate centre which is ride-able and speaks clearly through every dynamic level. The 21″ ride is a unique hybrid of the un-lathed Moon Ride centre surrounded by a warm swath of warm rich Energy cymbal providing a dry, articulate centre zone with an outer area that has a darker undertone and a broad, solid wash. The 23″ model features a loud and direct bell, with perfect articulation on the un-lathed centre and a dense wash when the shoulder is dug into. Finally the 15″ hats are bright enough to cut through any musical setting thanks to their clean bark and shimmering slosh, giving a big, full-bodied sound.

Eclipse 17″ Crash Cymbal:  SRP £169.00

Eclipse 19″ Crash Cymbal: SRP £229.00

Eclipse 21″ Ride Cymbal: SRP £289.00

Eclipse 23″ Ride Cymbal: SRP £289.00

Eclipse 15″ Hi-Hat Cymbal: SRP £349.00

For more info, visit: www.dreamcymbals.com