Home News Regal Tip back on the beat with new Performer series drumsticks 

Regal Tip back on the beat with new Performer series drumsticks 

New sticks from Regal Tip

Regal Tip have released the latest additions to their growing artist signature range, with the arrival of four new Performer Series drumsticks. Designed by drummers for drummers, the Performer Series contains customised specs, fulfilling the vision of the signature artist.

The latest additions to the Performer Series include the Jason Sutter signature SSJSDM mallet £59.99 RRP, the first dedicated drumset mallet. Sutter describes the mallets as “The new breed of implements for drumset players and percussionists of all styles.”

The Mike Moore PFMM signature model (.580 X16″) includes Mike’s custom green P.E.F (Performance Enhancing Finish) for maximum grip and control. Regal Tip states “These sticks feature one of the most durable colour finishes on the market.” (£19.99 RRP)

Two time Grammy award-winner Bernard Treway Lambert’s PF:TRE signature model, £19.99 RRP,  is a customized RT 5AX that is dipped in a white lacquer finish, and sports the ONDA1 Nation brand.

John Blackwell’s .580″x16″ wood tip Force Stick features a striking blue P.E.F coating; the PFJB retails for £24.99.

The brand new Regal Tip offering is rounded out with the 6S Warm Up White Lacquer Stick, ideal for loosening up wrists, practicing backstage paradiddles and freeing up tension. The 6S Warm Up stick measures .700″ x 17″ and retails for £19.99.

For more information on the new releases and existing Regal Tip sticks, mallets and brushes, visit jhs.co.uk/brands/regal-tip